25 August 2019
Passengers panicked and fled after a foreigner passed out inside a metro train. Photo: Sohu News
Passengers panicked and fled after a foreigner passed out inside a metro train. Photo: Sohu News

It turns out there’s a Good Samaritan at the Shanghai Metro

It’s not true that no one helped a foreigner who passed out on the Shanghai Metro Line 2 on Aug. 9, an incident that made headlines because his co-passengers fled the train instead of lending a hand.

A woman, surnamed Huang, said she called the station staff for help and accompanied the man to his hotel to make sure he was all right, reported, citing the metro operator.

Huang said her readiness to save the man could be related to a sad story that happened to her former colleague.

“A female colleague in my company once passed out at a metro train station in Shenzhen, but no one offered helped to her … When the ambulance came, she had already died,” Huang was quoted as saying in the report.

“Although I don’t directly know this colleague, the accident shocked me. So when I see a similar accident, I want to give a hand as I don’t want that tragedy to be repeated.”

Huang also said she knows a little English, making it easier for her to help the foreigner.

She said she, together with a young man, called the station staff for help after all the passengers scurried out of the train.

Within 40 seconds, “a metro staffer came to the scene after a passenger reported the incident. However, by that time, the foreigner has woken up. He told the staffer he was okay and left”, the company said.

“He looked pale and was sweating. I assumed he fainted because of hypoglycemia [low blood sugar] so I gave him a candy,” Huang said. “He didn’t look like he was drunk… He said he just had a headache.”

As the foreigner was staying at a hotel near her home, Huang accompanied him to his room. She said she was worried he might faint again.

The foreigner told Huang he is a Russian engineer who works for the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

The incident prompted local media and netizens to assail the metro operator and the other passengers for not helping the foreigner.

The metro operator said it is incorrect to say “no one offered help” as there was someone who called the station staff. It added that offering help does not necessarily mean one has to stay with the foreigner.

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