26 January 2020
Facebook users in Hong Kong are more receptive to beauty product ads than any other category, according to a survey. Photo: Bloomberg
Facebook users in Hong Kong are more receptive to beauty product ads than any other category, according to a survey. Photo: Bloomberg

Beauty products best target for HK Facebook marketers

Skincare products top the list of things that Hong Kong people are likely to buy after finding information on Facebook, while luxury cosmetics and facial products are in the second position, according to a survey from market research firm TNS.

About 43 percent of surveyed Facebook users in Hong Kong said they might buy skincare products after getting marketing pitches through the social networking site, TNS said Thursday as it released its latest survey findings.  

Meanwhile, 35 percent said they could buy luxury cosmetics and facial products after reading information on the website. Food ranked the third on the list while movie marketing took the fourth position.

TNS conducted its survey in January, covering 1,068 Hong Kong Facebook users older than 18, to find out the locals’ usage habits of the social network platform.

The survey showed that users stay on the website for about 70 minutes a day on average, which is more than the time they spend watching TV and nearly two times more than the time spent on reading magazines and newspapers.

And the usage gap between Facebook and traditional media may continue to widen. Users said they are likely to spend 8 percent more time on Facebook next year, compared to this year, while cutting the time spent on TV, newspapers and magazines by 15 to 20 percent.

To approach and interact with Hong Kong Facebook users better, the social website has given the following tips to advertisers and marketers:

1. Mobile platform is a better choice for marketers to update their latest information during the day time, but at night, giving priority to website can help reach higher number of audience.

The survey found that in a mobile centric city like Hong Kong, more users communicate with their Facebook friends on the phone for most of the daytime. It is only during the night that the portion of people who login through desk top terminals (41 percent) surpasses that from mobile apps (30 percent).

2. High-quality video helps. In the two years to 2014, global mobile share of online video increased by 532 percent. Hong Kong also follows the trend.

Facebook now provides an advertising tool that allows marketers to customize the reach volume and frequency of certain ad posts and even automatically adjust certain videos to match the needs of specific groups of target audience.

3. Encourage the users to share their personal views on products or services.

Nearly 40 percent of surveyed users got to know new brands, products, tourism attractions or services through Facebook. Meanwhile peer recommendations on the social network have bigger impact on purchase intent than does searching for product information on the platform.

4. Make sure the content feeds are good to watch on small mobile screens.

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