22 August 2019
The woman uses her foot to try to separate the man from his phone. Photo: Mail Online
The woman uses her foot to try to separate the man from his phone. Photo: Mail Online

Reel or real? Girl freaks out over iPhone-maniac boyfriend

Some guys just don’t get it.

If you’re engaged to be married and riding in a crowded train with your future wife who may or may not be frustrated with the ride, you can’t be too absorbed playing games on your iPhone.

Because your girlfriend might snap, force you out of the train and drag you on the platform by your darn device.

But that’s only part of the story of a young Chinese couple who left passengers on a Beijing commuter train stunned as the drama played out before their eyes.

Naturally, you won’t get away with a spectacle like that without someone capturing it on a smartphone and posting it on social media.

Thanks to Mail Online, we can tell you the rest of what happened.

In images caught by fellow commuters, the woman is seen becoming increasingly frustrated with her boyfriend before forcing him from his seat and out the doors of the subway coach.

But even as the man is dragged through the doors, his eyes remain fixed on his iPhone, presumably as he is seized by excitement over an impending record.

Onlookers were stunned as the feud continued through the station, according to Mail Online, with the woman using the phone to drag her boyfriend on the ground.

At one point, she clamps her foot against his jaw to try to separate him from his smartphone. Still, he refuses to stop.

She then drags him into another carriage.

You couldn’t make this up but some suspicious passengers thought it was all a show for a commercial. We wouldn’t be surprised ourselves.

Excuse me while I stage my marriage proposal.

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She drags her on the platform by his phone on to the next train. Photo: Mail Online

The woman becomes incensed with the man’s maniacal obsession with a game on his iPhone. Photo: Mail Online

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