18 July 2019
Actor Jaycee Chan (pictured) hosted a party where Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung was arrested. Photo: Sina
Actor Jaycee Chan (pictured) hosted a party where Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung was arrested. Photo: Sina

No list of drug-takers from Jaycee Chan, say Beijing police

Beijing police have denied receiving a list from actor Jaycee Chan naming as many as 120 celebrities who consume drugs, a post on their microblog said Friday morning.

This came after some media reports in China and Taiwan on Friday cited sources as saying that Jaycee Chan, arrested in Beijing this week over alleged drug offences, has blown the whistle on celebrities who take drugs, apparently as a bargaining chip for lighter punishment.

The long laundry list includes a singer with a Taiwanese band who supplied the drugs, said Chan, the son of superstar Jackie Chan, Liberty Times, a Taiwanese newspaper, reported.

The singer, whose surname starts with F, has invested in two night clubs in Taiwan and his family has strong connections with the military, so Taiwanese police are keeping the investigation low profile, the report said.

The police have no clue as to whether F asked a courier to deliver the drug to Chan in Beijing, mailed it Chan, or whether Chan brought it himself.

F was a suspect in some other drug cases but the police did not take further action on lack of evidence.

Some netizens speculated F could be Johnny Fei, the son of retired three-star general Fei Hung-po. The father later told the media that his son has sworn that he did not do it, according to some news websites.

Chan’s case could implicate many celebrities as he likes to throw parties for people in the entertainment industry.

And F is a friend of many singers and actors, including Chan, in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China.

Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung was caught at a party hosted by Chan, China News reported.

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