21 August 2019

Horror of horrors, the bride is wearing a white wedding dress

In a society that prefers to cover its women and men dress appropriately for picnics and trips to the beach, pictures of a bride and groom in a state of semi-undress are causing a buzz on social media.

The pictures were taken in Ipoh, an old mining town north of the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

They show the bride wearing — horror of horrors — a white wedding dress and high heels and is clad only in her bra and undies.

The groom is, ahem, topless except for a bow tie.

The two seem unruffled by all the attention they’re getting from onlookers.

But when someone posted the images on Facebook, they drew a slew of fierce comments, although some of them were funny.

These ranged from an incredulous “wah!” to admiration: “Are these the hottest wedding photos in Ipoh or what?”

Others were not amused.

“Sadly, this is not our culture. I would prefer the traditional Chinese costume,” according to one post.

In fact, there was no bride and no groom and it wasn’t a wedding picture.

A wedding gallery operator, who wished to be known only as Koo, staged everything as part of a photoshoot.

“The couple were models,” he said.

And the photographers, it turns out, were merely exploring their “creativity in photography”, he told Star Online.

“They were surprised by the response on social media. People were just overreacting because they had never seen a bikini-clad woman on the streets,” he said. “It is their right to complain.”

But police in Perak state see it differently.

Chief senior deputy commissioner Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said they will investigate the matter under Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act.

And acting Ipoh district police chief supt. Ahmad Termizi Abdul Haq said the photoshoot, whether it involved a “genuine” couple or just models, should not have been done in public.

“It can be seen as indecent. I strongly advise people not to do such things in public.” 

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