23 February 2019
Sofiee Ng (left) was the people's favourite while Veronica Shiu was the judges' pick. Photo:
Sofiee Ng (left) was the people's favourite while Veronica Shiu was the judges' pick. Photo:

Miss HK voting, like Beijing election reform, slammed as sham

Veronica Shiu, a 24-year-old university student, was crowned Miss Hong Kong 2014 on Sunday night, winning over 156,000 votes.

However, many netizens said they were disappointed that Sofiee Ng, a very popular contestant, did not even make it to the top three after a judging panel of five celebrities ruled her out.

The pageant organizer, Television Broadcasts, highlighted the public voting system for the contest before the final round. However, many viewers were angry after they found they can only vote on the three finalists selected by the judging panel.

The ranking could be different if Ng was included for the voting, netizens said.

It’s just like the “fake universal suffrage” of Hong Kong’s 2017 chief executive election, they said. 

It’s hard not to link the two hot issues.

On Sunday, China’s legislature announced its decision to lay down strict limits on the 2017 election reform for Hong Kong, requiring candidates for the chief executive race to secure at least half the support of the 1,200-member nomination committee.

Hongkongers are worried the election framework set by Beijing would eliminate any candidate from the pan-democratic camp. This would therefore make the so-called “one person, one vote” election a sham.

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Veronica Shiu got the nod of the judges but not the viewers. Photo: Facebook,

Sofiee Ng was not on the ballot, so to speak, even though she was the people’s choice. Photo: Facebook,

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