22 February 2019
Samples of fake 100 notes seized by authorities recently. Photo:
Samples of fake 100 notes seized by authorities recently. Photo:

Beware of these 100 yuan notes: they are likely to be fake

Beware of fake 100 yuan notes!

Since early this year, cases of counterfeit money have been reported in several areas across China, including Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and Shandong, China Central Television said in a program aired on Wednesday.

Many of the bills carry serial numbers that begin with M3W96 or M5W96, and their printing is of fine quality — some of them can even pass undetected by counterfeit money detectors, according to the CCTV report.

Although police claim they have busted the gangs behind the fake notes, some of these bills continue to circulate.

The first case this year was reported by media in Taizhou city in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. 

On June 28 local police arrested several people suspected of selling counterfeit 100 yuan notes and seized fake bills with a combined denomination of 8.24 million yuan (US$1.34 million). It was the largest such case in Zhejiang in recent years.

The distributor was said to have bought the fake money from counterfeiters in Jieyang, in Guangdong province, for about 2 yuan per 100 yuan fake note and sold it for as much as 10 yuan each.

Through clues provided by Taizhou police, authorities in Jieyang swooped down on the syndicate’s lair  and arrested five suspects. They also seized finished and semi-finished fake notes with a combined face value of 92.7 million yuan, as well as printing machines.

One easy way to determine whether a 100 yuan note is genuine or not is to look at the “100″ printed on the lower left corner of the bill. If you move the bill and look at it from a certain angle, the figure will turn dark green. But if it’s fake, the color won’t change.

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