18 July 2019
The polar bear reflects on the state of the world as it walks through a crowded street. Photo: Greenpeace
The polar bear reflects on the state of the world as it walks through a crowded street. Photo: Greenpeace

Polar bear wanders through HK in Greenpeace video

A giant polar bear wanders through the streets of Hong Kong, seemingly disoriented amid the traffic and urban sprawl. With a dazed and confused look, she watches a construction site and a gas station, before sniffing through a garbage dump for her lifeless cubs.

Well, this is the storyline of a video made by environmental group Greenpeace to drum up awareness about the need to save the Arctic and to garner support for a petition against oil drilling in the North Pole.  

The video shows Pauline the bear looking on helplessly at a Shell gas station, apparently wondering about the havoc being wreaked on the environment by the giant oil firms.

“The ice in the North Pole is melting. Not only are we consuming the petroleum, but also our future. Climate change leads to extreme weather conditions. Is our fate really different from her’s (Pauline’s)?” a voiceover says.

Speaking about the campaign, Greenpeace manager Ada Kong told Metro Daily that if we don’t stop the oil companies in time, there will be as many as 15 firms doing drilling work in the Arctic by 2020.

If there is an oil leak, it will be almost impossible to clean up the spill quickly, she said, adding that such events will bring irrecoverable harm to the habitat of polar animals.

Since it was released two weeks ago, the polar bear video has helped Greenpeace collect about 60,000 signatures for the petition against Arctic drilling.

Pauline has also appeared in the Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong expo held in late July as activists sought to send a protest message amid a joint promotion plan of LEGO with oil giant Shell.

Two human-sized LEGO men were seen covering their eyes and ears with their hands and standing with Pauline in front of the LEGO stall at the fair, delivering a message to the toymaker after it chose to ignore a mass-petition and decided to team up with Shell.

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A homeless polar bear roams Hong Kong in an environmental campaign video against Arctic oil drilling. Photo: Greenpeace

Pauline the bear looks on at a construction site in Hong Kong. Photo: Greenpeace

Pauline sniffs through garbage for her lifeless cubs. Photo: Greenpeace

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