20 February 2019
Marx Six lottery punters failed to score on Tuesday, but they will get another big chance this weekend. Photo: ATV
Marx Six lottery punters failed to score on Tuesday, but they will get another big chance this weekend. Photo: ATV

Seven things the next jackpot winner could do

Money, money, money. Always sunny. In the rich man’s world. Aha-ahaaa. All the things I could do. If I had a little money…. 

The Swedish pop group ABBA got it perfectly right when it penned those lyrics almost 40 years ago, echoing the common man’s dream for a new life and a chance to fulfill various fantasies.  

Now, for those living in Hong Kong, there is indeed an opportunity to dream big, given the mega sweepstakes in the latest Mark Six lottery.

The super jackpot this weekend amounts to a whopping HK$150 million, the largest ever prize for Mark Six in the history of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Well, if you are the lucky winner, think of all the things you can do:

1. For starters, you can buy as many iPhone 6 handsets as you want.

To be specific, you can actually grab 150,000 phones assuming that the new device is procured at a grey market price of around HK$10,000, almost double the list price.

Guess what? You will probably get a bulk discount and you can also make some money by selling a few pieces to your mainland uncle, whose region unlike Hong Kong will not be among the lucky ones to get Apple’s new product first.

2. Next, how about buying some Alibaba shares? Call up a private banker, if you do not already have one, and he will be at your service. Assuming the stock is priced at US$66 apiece in the New York IPO, you can get about 300,000 shares.

3. In case you do not get enough Alibaba shares, try Tencent. With HK$150 million, you would get 1.2 million shares. Tencent, given its founder Pony Ma, would surely be good in the Year of Horse.

If you look for diversification, try China Mobile where you can get roughly 1.5 million shares or HSBC, where you can get roughly two million shares with yield of nearly five percent.

4. If you are tired of stocks, try buying homes. You can buy two dozen units of the Wings 3 project in Tseung Kwan O, a middle class district with the smell of landfill. Or half a dozen of Harbourside units near Kowloon Station, next to the construction site of West Kowloon Cultural District and high speed rail.

5. Most people who win a big lottery will want to see the world. With the super jackpot, you can travel round the world a thousand times. A yearly business class Cathay Pacific ticket that covers six continents and 190 destinations will cost around HK$100,000 excluding the fuel charge.

6. Before the trip, try a lavish dinner. What about Nicholini’s at Conrad? Former Chief Secretary Rafael Hui Si-yan spent HK$33,000 on dinner with wine, and I figure you can go there every day for 12 years.

7. If you still have money to spare, think about donating for the cause of democracy. With that money, you can start a newspaper, as suggested by Edwin Chin Chi-kin and still spare some change to support the Occupy Central movement.

You are recommended not to keep donation records on your computer. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of being followed by some “patriotic” hackers.

Now, let us keep an eye on the secret donors for Occupy Central. The next big cash infusion could come from the lucky super jackpot winner!

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