23 February 2019
Li Yuanhao makes about 600 yuan a day by selling sanitary pads to college freshmen. Photo:
Li Yuanhao makes about 600 yuan a day by selling sanitary pads to college freshmen. Photo:

Chongqing youth strikes gold with sanitary pads

If someone told you that you can make a thriving business out of selling sanitary napkins to young males, your would most likely dismiss the idea out of hand. But then take a look at Li Yuanhao, an enterprising youth in Chongqing who has done exactly that! 

Li, a third-year student from Southwest University, is making about 600 yuan a day by peddling sanitary napkins to college freshmen, according to mainland media.

He detected an opportunity as he realized that military training in the university, a must for year one students, is quite harsh.

“Two pieces of sanitary napkins can protect your feet, absorb sweat and offer deodorizing function, while general shoe pads cannot work like that,” he tells his target customers.

Where did the weird business idea come from? Li told Sina News that at a supermarket last year he overheard two students mumbling about how embarrassing it is to buy the feminine health care product.

The owner of the supermarket later told Li that every year, many college freshmen come to his store to buy napkins for feet as they prepare for military training. Li saw the opportunity and decided to run a business by selling sanitary napkins to those young shy boys.

Li purchases the napkins in the morning from a wholesale market near his school and then sells them at night in the student dorm.

To convince skeptics, Li offers demonstrations, showing how the sanitary napkins can be converted into shoe pads to help relieve discomfort.

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Li shows how sanitary napkins can be transformed into shoe pads. Photo:

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