26 March 2019
One's idea of comfort while flying economy. Photo:
One's idea of comfort while flying economy. Photo:

Social media exacts revenge on flight pests

As it turns out, a mainland toddler urinating inside an MTR train is not the most horrendous sight in the world, although it is disgusting enough for some Hong Kong people who saw it on social media, fueling hostile reactions on both sides of the border.

It’s worse inside airplanes, where passengers have to sit for hours in a cramped space in the company of mostly total strangers.

What do you do when you encounter bad behavior in such a public place?

You may want to call the attention of the offending party — politely, if you can — and tell her that her blonde tresses are covering your TV screen at the back of her seat, or the guy behind you that his bare feet protruding onto your armrest don’t exactly have the freshest of smell, or that your dozing seatmate is not supposed to scratch inside his pants while snoring. The list goes on.

What’s with these people, anyway? 

But most of the time you hesitate and decide to just bear it and let it pass as you don’t want to make a scene or, worse, prompt the pilot to divert the flight to the nearest airport where cops, with handcuffs ready, are waiting.

A flight attendant named Shawn Kathleen has seen all those horrors and much more, having been in the business since 2010.

And last year, she launched a campaign to do something about those creepy creatures who inflict their most offensive habits on their fellow passengers. She set up an account on social media to chronicle their transgressions.

Thus was born Passenger Shaming on Facebook and Instagram, which, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the proposition that the best way to encourage air passengers to behave properly is to expose and shame them when they don’t.

Soon enough, those who have been on the receiving end of such nasty habits of passengers started submitting photos of the most unsightly instances of improper behavior on flight — anonymously, of course.

The result is a gallery of the worst crimes against human decency and order in air travel. See for yourself, but first, a warning: the images are not for the faint of heart.

We’re not sure if Kathleen’s crusade will have any impact on inflight behavior. It may be assumed that those who are guilty of bad manners don’t even realize that they are being offensive to their fellow passengers.

But her campaign has now spread around the world. Her Facebook page alone has drawn more than 17,500 likes, according to MailOnline.

She probably would not be able to reform the most hardened of the flight pests, but at least she has offered a forum where the hapless victims can vent their ire, share their frustrations and sympathize with each other.

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Excuse me, lady, you’ve got nice hair but it’s covering my TV screen.

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