20 February 2019
A click of a button and a happy man will pay the bill and check out the shopping basket. Photo:
A click of a button and a happy man will pay the bill and check out the shopping basket. Photo:

Flatter your way to a woman’s secrets at your own risk

Flattery is the new flirty.

Victoria’s Secret and Triumph, two top lingerie brands, have discovered the formula for the ultimate in wheedle marketing and by all indications, the strategy is frightfully smart.

The two brands use similar tactics to lure female customers to shop for their favorite accessories and undergarment online, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reported Tuesday.

The last step is not proceeding to pay but entering at least one male friend’s e-mail address to which a list of items in the shopping basket will be sent.

The male friend will then decide whether to pay for the goods if he is happy with them or click the “Oh My God!” option to refuse the purchase.

A Triumph survey found that about 80 percent of men would choose the first option and happily clear the bill. Such a high success rate is more or less thanks to male ego.

Women normally like to pick their favorites for special occasions such as a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Christmas Day.

In order to flatter someone they like, men seldom say no, making the success rate almost 100 percent.

This kind of online flirting somehow saves ladies from embarrassing situations when they are approached by more than one man.

Some may even enjoy being single and spoiled by a number of flirters over a longer period for fun, fame or material benefits.

Needless to say, men might easily find their money gone like the wind if wheedle marketing spreads across other consumption segments such as jewelry, high fashion and other luxury items.

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