21 February 2019
Young Iranian girls just wanna have fun. Photo: Instagram
Young Iranian girls just wanna have fun. Photo: Instagram

The rich kids of Tehran

An Instagram account featuring images of young Iranians flaunting their wealth and indulging in opulent lifestyles is sure to raise the hackles of the Islamic republic’s religious authorities.

It is so incongruous to our idea of Iran whose economy is supposedly reeling from the impact of international sanctions against its government’s nuclear program. It seems so remote from our stereotypical impression of a land ruled by mullahs and inhabited by angry, bearded revolutionaries who seek the destruction of the western capitalist system.

What’s happening here? Women in attire that could put Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus to shame, young men cruising Tehran’s highways in top-down Maseratis and Ferraris, parties where contraband cognac and vodka overflow: Why such indulgence in a supposedly theocratic state?

As the pictures on @richkidsoftehran indicate, there must be an untouchable, moneyed elite in Iran that the country’s morality police appear to take for granted or are not aware of.

Otherwise, how do we account for the discordance? After all, there’s the case of a 25-year-old law graduate of a London university who was recently arrested and kept in solitary detention for attending a men’s volleyball match. And there’s another recent case of six young Iranians who were sentenced (suspended for three years) to up to one year in prison and 91 lashes for appearing on a video dancing to Pharrell Williams’ Happy tune.

Youth is known for its exuberance, and we’re glad it’s the same everywhere in the world. But why allow some to have the time of their lives, and hold others to account? 

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Taking a selfie while cruising the highway in their top-down luxury cars. Photo: Instagram

Having the time of their lives. Photo: Instagram

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