19 January 2019
The Facebook post shows a police uniform with a yellow ribbon pinned on it. Photo: Facebook
The Facebook post shows a police uniform with a yellow ribbon pinned on it. Photo: Facebook

Police officer: I would join protest if I’m not in this uniform

“In uniform, I’m a policeman; without it, I’m a Hongkonger.”

So says an unnamed senior police officer who posted a picture of a police uniform with a yellow ribbon on a Facebook community page on Tuesday. The yellow ribbon is a symbol of support for the Occupy Central protesters.

“I would join the protest if I’m not a policeman,” the poster said, adding that he is dissatisfied with Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s governance and the perfunctory attitude of the Beijing government toward Hong Kong’s political reform.

Talking about concerns over the police’s selective enforcement, the officer said the use of tear gas on demonstrators in Admiralty on Sept. 28 is understandable, but it doesn’t make sense not to stop the attacks by anti-Occupy elements on protesters in Mong Kok.

“The police should try every effort to prevent people who were paid by the pro-Beijing camp from intentionally creating chaos.”

A badge on the uniform shows he (or she) is a superintendent of police who normally commands a headquarters unit or police division.

“Dear colleagues, we must perform our duty impartially and practically. It should not just be empty talk,” the police officer said.

Meanwhile, to improve its relationship with the public, the police have adopted a “close to the people” policy in Mong Kok which entails deploying handsome police officers and encouraging them to sincerely communicate with the protesters, according to Apple Daily.

The police officers look more relaxed. Many also could not hide their amusement when protesters sing the Happy Birthday song to drive trouble makers away, the report said.

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