7 December 2019
Hong Kong has to face the challenges and reinvent itself.
Hong Kong has to face the challenges and reinvent itself.

Crossroads postscript: In case you missed anything

This series touched a nerve in Hong Kong and elsewhere, creating a lively forum for issues ranging from the democracy movement and governance to social concerns such as air pollution and poverty, as well as infrastructure and the way forward.
To help you better put it in perspective, we are presenting it in an indexed format under different categories and with the appropriate links to the stories.
This will also help those who are reading the series for the first time. 

We have added some of the most liked images about the series from our Facebook page in case you missed them.  

One Country, Two Systems

[1] Why Hong Kong opposes Beijing but not the British colonial govt

[2] We’re better off under ‘one country, two systems’: Bernard Chan

[3] Hong Kong system in doubt under ‘one country’ shadow 

[4] Hong Kong should emphasize ‘two systems’: Joseph Wong

[5] True democracy the only way for Hong Kong

Defending Our Core Values

[6] We can keep building on our can-do spirit

[7] Protest coverage: What it tells us about HK press freedom

[8] Hong Kong core strengths remain unshakable

[9] Macau and HK: Two paths, one reality

[10] Is this the beginning of Beijing’s endless nightmare?

Threats To Our Economy

[11] Why air pollution is too costly for Hong Kong

[12] Why Hong Kong finds it hard to recruit international talent

[13] Is Hong Kong lucky or smart?

[14] After democracy, a stable property market is what people want

How We Stack Up Against The Competition

[15] Why HK airport is losing out to Singapore’s Changi

[16] Why Hongkongers are drawn to Taiwan

[17] Tourism: Time to chart a new course

[18] Hong Kong: Sinking or swimming?

Reinventing Ourselves

[19] What makes Hong Kong tick?

[20] Overreliance on mainland tourists is risky

[21] Design is key to Hong Kong competitiveness 

[22] Hongkongers and Singaporeans can have their cake and eat it too 

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Some of the experts who have contributed to this series.