14 November 2019
Hong Kong police have come under fire for using excessive force on pro-democracy protesters Tuesday night. Photo: AFP
Hong Kong police have come under fire for using excessive force on pro-democracy protesters Tuesday night. Photo: AFP

Police face flak over other incidents after Ken Tsang outrage

Besides following the case of Ken Tsang Kin-chiu, the Civic Party member who was apparently beaten up by policemen during a pro-democracy demonstration early Wednesday, one also needs to examine if authorities have violated the civil rights of other protestors, according to a lawyer who is providing free legal aid to Hong Kong activists.

Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu, spokesperson for the lawyer team which is offering pro bono assistance to the pro-democracy protesters, said the behavior of some police officers has been intolerable, Apple Daily reported.

The police arrested 45 protestors Wednesday morning, with nine of them sent to hospital. Officers were seen using force on at least two male protestors who did not fight back, according to Yeung. One of the protestors was arrested after he fell down as he planned to help protestors who had been subject to pepper spray by the police.

The police continued to use pepper spray on protestors even though the demonstrators were not posing any danger, it has been alleged. A female protestor who was arrested was trying to retrieve her glasses from the floor. The police is said to have dragged her on the floor, hurting her knees.

In another case, a second year student from Lingnan University was beaten up during the road clearance drive. He was under police control on the floor. Snatching his umbrella, policemen were said to have beaten him up for about 15 seconds.

The student, who suffered injuries to his face and hands, said the police had used force even though the protestors were not launching any attack, the report said.

An online video clip showed that a police officer kept using pepper spray on protestors even as the people had their hands up in the air to show their peaceful intent. There has been outrage among netizens about the behavior of police officer, who has been identified as Anthony Cheng.

Cheng, ironically, is said to have won a best-performance award when he graduated in 2011.

Apple Daily added that the road clearance drive late Tuesday and early Wednesday seemed to have been well-planned, as the police was seen using bright torches in the direction of citizens and the media to prevent them from taking video clips.

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