16 February 2019
'Yellow Umbrella' mobile phone has capitalized on the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Picture: Google Play
'Yellow Umbrella' mobile phone has capitalized on the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Picture: Google Play

The new mobile game rage: ‘Yellow Umbrella’

A new mobile game “Yellow Umbrella” enjoyed more than 20,000 downloads in one day after being launched on Tuesday, with users drawn in due to the apparent reference to the ongoing Occupy protests in Hong Kong.

The game’s title suggests that it was created to support the pro-democracy movement in the city. A local youth named Ah Keung is said to have developed the product with the help of his college mates.

In the game, players can make students take various actions to stop their enemies from tearing down protest sites. But the students can only defend themselves, not attack or kill or drive the opponents away. It is because “the protestors are adhering to principles of peace and non-violence,” Ah Keung was quoted as saying in an Apple Daily report Wednesday.

The enemy setting is inspired by the real developments and news figures from anti-Occupy groups. There is the police, which is equipped with pepper spray and tear gas; some purported triad members; the boss of a crab restaurant who assaults a female protestor; a middle-aged man who carries a knife into a protest site but claims it was to cut his favorite fruit durian. And of course, there is also a reference to Chief Executive CY Leung.

Players can collect yellow ribbons (as gold coins are used in other games) to “buy” different defense tools for different levels of enemies. For example, a yellow umbrella can be used to dispel the police, a durian will help get rid of the knife-carrying middle-aged man. For the triad, a “five hundred dollar” tool can ward them off (the reference is to recent suspicions that some triad members were enlisted to break up the Occupy protests at a fee of HK$500 a day.)

To mock CY Leung, who received payments totaling HK$50 million (US$6.45 million) from Australian engineering company UGL while in office, the mortal strike for the final boss is “HK$50 million worth golden blocks”.

Ah Keung expects the game to prompt more people to care about the ongoing protests and desist from accusing the students of wrongdoing, the report said.

The game is available here for Android users: 

 (Cantonese only)

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Players can use a lot of virtual tools such as road blocks and gold bricks to counteract attacks from anti-Occupy groups. Picture: Google Play

The traditional Chinese god "Kwan Tai" can be enlisted to help repel the police as well as gangsters. Picture: Google Play

To win in the final battle, a player should use a HK$50 mln gold brick to dispel the enemy. Picture: Google Play

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