24 April 2019
Netizens put President Xi Jinping on the side of Occupy protesters to counteract the riot police
Netizens put President Xi Jinping on the side of Occupy protesters to counteract the riot police

OMG! President Xi has joined the Umbrella Movement?

What? President Xi Jinping has left Beijing to be with Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters? And not just as a sympathizer but an active participant?

Pictures of the Chinese leader, with his trousers rolled up and holding an umbrella, at various protest venues in the territory have gone viral on the internet, Apple Daily reports.

There’s one showing him on top of Lion Rock hill, where activists have unfurled a gigantic banner calling for genuine universal suffrage. 

Without realizing the man in the picture was intended to be Xi, some netizens from the anti-Occupy camp hurled invectives at him on social media.

And there’s the same image of him replacing that of a young protester amid a cloud of smoke from tear gas fired by the police on the cover of Time Magazine.

The fact is, the original picture was taken in 2013 when the Chinese leader visited Wuhan on a rainy day. That explains why he is seen with his pants rolled up and holding an umbrella.

The picture, by the way, won the top prize in a recent photojournalism competition in mainland China, making it even more famous — and fair game for netizens with a wild imagination.

And so some naughty computer artists gave vent to their creativity and photoshopped Xi’s image into various scenes of the ongoing Occupy campaign.

Meanwhile, Hongkongers have also circulated online a screen grab from a TVB drama series featuring a triad member climbing up a hill.

And then they claimed the man was responsible for hanging up the giant banner on Lion Rock on Thursday and urged the police to find and arrest him.

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Netizens make fun of an award-winning photo from Xinhua (inset) and turn it into unlikely pictures of the Chinese leader showing up in various protest sites in Hong Kong. Photos: Facebook, Xinhua

Pictures of the "suspect" who hung the democracy banner on Lion Rock go rival, while President Xi Jinping is placed in the thick of the action during a police operation in Admiralty. Photos: Facebook

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