18 August 2019
Occupy protesters use chalk to paint on the ground. Photo: AFP
Occupy protesters use chalk to paint on the ground. Photo: AFP

For posterity’s sake: Occupy participants urged to keep records

Occupy Central participants have been urged to help keep records of the movement for posterity. 

Archives Action Group, a voluntary organization, wants to archive as many Occupy-related materials as possible to help future generations understand the movement’s history as well as to register for UNESCO’s Memory of the World program, am730 reported Thursday.

The program, established by the United Nations agency in 1992, aims to keep records of documentary heritage in various parts of the world.

Archives Action Group said Wednesday that Hong Kong is now at an unique moment of history, and it is important for the world to know what really happened through preservation of records by both the public and the private sectors regardless of the outcome of political reform and the movement.

The group is founded by Simon Chu, a former director of the Government Records Service, and William Waung, a retired High Court judge, among others.

All of the people participating in the Occupy movement should keep documentary and physical records of events, meetings and communications with government officials, the group said, adding that it could help with file management.

Chu, who is also an adviser for Memory of the World in the Asia-Pacific region, said the current movement generally meets the requirements to be listed in the program, and either the government or the private sector can apply for it. Such an application should have nothing to do with politics, he said.

The group suggests that an application be filed after the movement ends.

Chu reiterated a call for the government to legislate an archive law as soon as possible to make sure no document related to major events is destroyed.

He said the lack of the law is like encouraging officials to avoid filing documents that may be against themselves so that they can do what they want without restraint.

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Comics and pictures are freely posted at Occupy sites. Photo: AFP

A protester wears a Spiderman costume to support the hikers who hung a pro-democracy banner on Lion Rock. Photo: Reuters

Hundreds of post-it notes are posted on a wall at Admiralty. Photo: Reuters

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