25 August 2019
Photo: HKEJ
Photo: HKEJ

Lawyers slam Occupy protesters for defying court orders

About 50 legal professionals staged a rally in front of the High Court on Monday to assail the Occupy protesters for continuing to defy court injunctions ordering them to stop blocking the roads, Apple Daily reported.

The group led by lawyers Doreen Kong Yuk-foon and Chan Wing-Leung, who is a member of the standing committee of the pro-government New People’s Party, urged the street occupiers to stop breaking the law and leave as soon as possible.

Chan said it is absurd that some leaders of the Occupy movement promised to surrender to the police after the protest is over.

In their statement, the legal professionals said the Occupy movement has disrupted the people’s livelihood and caused incalculable losses.

They expressed concern that the rule of law, one of the city’s core values, is being eroded by the street protests.

The group also criticized Dennis Kwok, a Civic Party legislator representing the legal functional constituency, for not defending the rule of law.

Kwok later said he had issued a public statement calling on the street occupiers to respect the court orders, but he also stressed that the current political impasse canot be resolved by court injunctions alone.

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