25 August 2019
The boy gets a thrilling ride of a lifetime at the Longyan fire station in the company of real firemen. Photo:
The boy gets a thrilling ride of a lifetime at the Longyan fire station in the company of real firemen. Photo:

Boy with leukemia gets thrilling birthday gift from firemen

It was a dream come true for a five-year-old boy who has been fighting leukemia for more than two years.

On his birthday last Oct. 25, the boy got the surprise of his life when his father Zhuang Longzhang took him to the fire station in Longyan, Fujian province. 

The little adventure was made possible with the help of Zhuang’s friend, who happens to be a member of the city’s fire brigade.

There, for a few happy and precious moments, he was able to live the life of a fireman, an occupation he wants to pursue if his frail health would only allow him.

According to, the boy was given a complete set of fireman’s uniform, including a pair of boots and helmet. And in the company of real firemen, he was allowed to ride a real fire truck, even use the siren, and talk with his uniformed idols.

A professional photographer was hired to record the boy’s visit to the fire station, where he got to “drive” the fire truck, climb the emergency ladder, fire the water cannon and experience the thrills of a fireman’s job.

There was much fun and laughter at the station, allowing the boy to forget his suffering even for just a while.

Zhuang said it’s important for leukemia patients and their parents “to have faith”.

“I don’t want people to think of these little patients as sick children lying in hospital beds and wearing masks,” he said. “These kids deserve to enjoy their childhood just like ordinary kids.”

And so the birthday candles at the fire station burned brightly that day, lighting up a young boy’s heart.

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Boy in complete fireman’s uniform learns how to use a water hose to put out the fire. Photo:

The boy is awe-struck as he joins his comrades in fighting a blaze. Photo:

For a few and precious moments, the boy gets to live the life of a true fireman. Photo:

A memorable birthday party for the five-year-old boy. Photo:

The boy is treated like a true, professional firefighter. Photo:

A boy suffering from leukemia deserves to enjoy his childhood just like ordinary kids. Photo:

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