22 August 2019
John Tsang (inset) was hit by an egg at a forum last year. Photos: HKEJ, Now TV
John Tsang (inset) was hit by an egg at a forum last year. Photos: HKEJ, Now TV

Egg throwing not civilized form of expression: John Tsang

Egg throwing is not an appropriate way of expressing views in civilized society, Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah said in court Friday.

“Hong Kong is a civilized society, and we should express our views through normal ways, rather than throwing eggs at others,” Now TV quoted Tsang as saying.

He was testifying in Eastern Court against a man who allegedly flung an egg at him during a forum in North Point on December 7 last year.

The defendant, League of Social Democrats member Derek Chan, admitted he threw two eggs at the stage, and one hit Tsang’s head.

Tsang told the court, “If I could have foreseen the incident, I would have tried my best to catch them.” 

Chan pleaded not guilty to one count of common assault, saying his action was merely a means of political expression.

“The egg represents people, and I want to express the idea of high walls standing against eggs,” he said.

“I would have chosen rocks if I really wanted to attack him.”

Chan said it is quite common for eggs to be thrown at political figures in foreign countries.

In television footage of the incident broadcast in court, Tsang could be seen joking: “Fortunately I’m not wearing a good suit today. I appear to have foreseen the incident.”

He explained to the court that his joke was aimed at easing the embarrassment some might have felt after the incident.

Defence counsel Douglas Kwok King-hin asked Tsang why he wore sports attire instead of a formal suit to the forum.

Tsang said he had been teaching fencing at his alma mater, La Salle College.

“I like the T-shirt very much,” he said.

“I feel sorry that it has been confiscated for a year [as evidence for the prosecution].”

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