25 August 2019
The 6,248-square-foot mansion on Staten Island, New York, will remind you of many scenes from The Godfather. Photo: Internet
The 6,248-square-foot mansion on Staten Island, New York, will remind you of many scenes from The Godfather. Photo: Internet

Godfather’s mansion for sale for US$2.9 million

The house The Godfather built is up for sale.

That’s right, the English Tudor-style mansion made famous by the 1972 Oscar-winning movie about a New York mobster family can be had for US$2.895 million.

Estate agents in charge of disposing of the property need not bring along Don Vito Corleone and his sinister sidekick Luca Brasi to convince prospective buyers that it’s an offer they can’t refuse. 

Even without its cinematic history, the 6,248-square-foot mansion on Staten Island, New York, with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a 2,400-square-foot open yard, is worth every penny at that price, or so the estate agents say.

The house also includes a gourmet kitchen, a stately dining room, an exercise room, a pub and a game room.

The current owner bought the house in 2012 for nearly US$1.7 million from the Norton family, who had owned it since 1951, according to local news website

Still, the mansion’s main selling point is that it’s the setting of the mafia film starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino.

“The current owners have done an amazing job renovating the home, including a first-floor office they remodeled to try to make it look like the office in the Godfather movie,” Joseph Profaci, manager of the Connie Profaci Realty that is selling the property, was quoted as saying.

That’s the exact place where Don Vito asks his godson, the singer Johnny Fontane, to act like a man and where he indicates he’ll say no to Virgil Sollozzo’s drug-dealing proposition, leading to the attempt on his life and the decision for the Corleones to “go to the mattresses” against the Five Families, and so forth and so on.

Every room, every nook and corner of the mansion will remind you of scenes of Francis Ford Coppola’s Hollywood classic.

There’s the sprawling yard where the wedding reception for Connie and Carlo Rizzi is held, there’s the hallway where Tom Hagen tells the Godfather about Sonny’s death, there’s the bedroom where the recuperating Don is told about Michael’s heinous deed, and there’s the patio where dozens of henchmen are standing guard after Bruno Tattaglia is assassinated.

All this reminiscing happens, of course, while Nino Rota’s theme song is playing in the background: “Speak softly love…”

Tom Hagen, the consigliere, can patiently explain to the prospective buyers all the legal details of the deal, but sooner or later, it’s either their signature or their brain that will be on the contract.


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