22 August 2019
James Tien has again hit out at CY Leung (inset) for failing to resolve the political deadlock in Hong Kong. Photos: AFP, HKEJ
James Tien has again hit out at CY Leung (inset) for failing to resolve the political deadlock in Hong Kong. Photos: AFP, HKEJ

Leung lacks strategy to deal with opponents: James Tien

Lawmaker James Tien, who was expelled last month from a top mainland political advisory body for failing to stand united behind Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, has again made some critical comments about Hong Kong’s leader.

Participating in the City Forum program of RTHK, Tien said on Sunday that Leung lacks a strategy to overcome his opponents and resolve the current impasse in the city, which has been beset by pro-democracy street protests for more than seven weeks.

The most important thing needed right now is for the government to improve its relations with pan-democratic legislators, who tend to use disobedience acts to show their disapproval of the administration, Tien said, according to Apple Daily.

Ordinary citizens will suffer from the government’s reluctance to work with pan-democratic legislators, he said, adding that Leung should improve the situation by making as many friends as possible.

Although Tien believes that Hong Kong’s economy and traffic will recover quickly once the current street occupation is over, he fears the standoff between the government and pan-democratic legislators will make policy implementation difficult.

Having been a middleman between the two sides, he said the pro-democratic legislators have been trying to push forward policies related to the livelihood of the general public, but the government has refused to allow the Legislative Council to put them on the top agenda.

Tien said he is worried that Hong Kong may fall into a position where it might be very hard for the government to impose rule of law in the next one or two years, making the society as a whole go nowhere.

Asked about the failed bid by three student representatives to travel to Beijing on Saturday, Tien said the trip may not have been planned if Leung had fulfilled his responsibilities and conveyed to Beijing the opinions of Hong Kong people on political reform.

Leung’s office did not respond to Tien’s remarks.

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