18 November 2019
Document management is essential for boosting work efficiency, says Debby Chan of Fuji Xerox.
Document management is essential for boosting work efficiency, says Debby Chan of Fuji Xerox.

HK firms realize need to boost document systems: expert

Hong Kong companies are likely to outpace the global average next year in boosting investment in document management systems and information technology services such as cloud and business process outsourcing, according to an industry expert.

North America and Europe have a much higher adoption rate for enterprise document and information management services but the Asia-Pacific market will catch up, Marc Einstein, Industry Principal at consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan, said in a Hong Kong media briefing Tuesday. 

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong), a provider of document communication solutions and services, conducted an “Enterprise Document and Information Management Solution Survey” in October with 75 chief information officers or senior executives to better understand the challenges of companies of all sizes in document and information management.

According to the survey, nearly half of the companies still manually process their documents even after deploying document and information management solutions. Among the survey participants, 60 percent of them still share information with hard copies, and as many as 67 percent of them still use traditional filing cabinets to store their documents.

Over 45 percent of the chief information officers or senior executives were dissatisfied with their current document and information management solutions, the survey showed. Forty-nine percent were worried about data security, while 35 percent were not happy with the time required for data retrieval.

“Nearly 50 percent of the respondents consider having a better document and information solution would improve their efficiencies in retrieving and storing information,” said Debby Chan, marketing director of Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong).

Such efficiencies are key to faster decision making and improved management performance, she said.

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