25 August 2019
Masked men try to break into the Legislative Council building. Photo: Reuters
Masked men try to break into the Legislative Council building. Photo: Reuters

Masked men launch surprise attack on legislature

More than 10 masked men made a surprise assault on the Legislative Council building at about 1 a.m. Wednesday, breaking at least three glass doors, Apple Daily reported.

They charged toward the legislature and used metal barricades and concrete tiles to ram the doors.

Some of the protesters in Admiralty tried to stop them but were ignored.

Labor Party legislator Fernando Cheung tried to prevent a glass door from being smashed but was held down by two of the attackers.

He asked them why they were attacking the building and was told they wanted to block the passage of “Cyberspace Article 23″.

The Hong Kong government introduced the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2011 in 2012.

Some pan-democratic legislators fear it might jeopardize freedom of speech and refer to it as “Cyberspace Article 23”, in reference to controversial national security legislation required by Article 23 of Hong Kong’s Basic Law.

Cheung told the attackers the bill is not on Legco’s agenda Wednesday and wondered if the attackers had been misled.

Police wearing helmets and carrying shields arrived after about 10 minutes. They raised red signs to warn protesters to stay back and used pepper spray against the attackers.

More police arrived later and set up barricades, but the standoff continued.

According to some witnesses, one attacker entered the Legco building but left soon afterward.

NowTV said police arrested four suspects in the attack.

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