22 August 2019
Prague's Lennon Wall before it was painted over. Photo:
Prague's Lennon Wall before it was painted over. Photo:

Prague’s Lennon Wall painted over in fresh start

Prague’s graffiti-covered John Lennon Wall — the inspiration for Hong Kong’s sticky-note-covered Lennon Wall at Occupy Central’s Admiralty protest site – was painted completely white on Tuesday. 

The wall in the Czech capital, named after the ex-Beatle, was a favourite photo spot for tourists and a symbol of western culture under the former Communist regime.

It served as a forum for anti-communist messages, love notes and street art.

A group of anonymous students claiming to be from Prague art schools and calling themselves “Prague Services, claimed responsibility for painting over the wall, Reuters reported.

Their action took place on the 25th anniversary of the country’s “Velvet Revolution”, which shook off Communist rule.

“Twenty-five years ago, one big totalitarian wall fell … Students of art schools are expressing their commemoration of [1989] and opening room for new messages of the current generation,” they said in a statement.

Before 1989, protest notes and the western pop culture symbolism of the wall were a thorn in the side for Communist authorities, who often covered it in military-style green or grey paint.

After the revolution, the spot became a gathering spot for tourists, who often added their own messages and took pictures at the wall.

Passers-by had already started covering it in new graffiti by Tuesday morning.

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The Lennon Wall at the Occupy protest site in Admiralty was inspired by the one in Prague. Photo: AFP

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