22 August 2019
Chinese International School (left) and Sha Tin College are two famous international schools in Hong Kong. Photo: Internet
Chinese International School (left) and Sha Tin College are two famous international schools in Hong Kong. Photo: Internet

Help your kid’s school and travel to exotic places

Pity our schools.

Most people think they’re making truckloads of money by breaking the backs of their students’ hard-working parents, but truth to tell, they need more income to sustain their operations and miscellaneous activities.

That’s why they sell raffle tickets. It’s for the sake of education, your children’s future. A worthy cause, indeed.

So your hundred bucks — call it a donation — will go a long way in helping them help your kids. 

And to make it worth your while, they’re enticing parents with the best possible prizes they can hope to win.

Take the case of Chinese International School. I got hold of a CIS raffle ticket, courtesy of a reader, which will be drawn this Saturday.

The top prize is worth HK$101,700: a week’s stay in an Asian or European villa donated by The Hideaways Club. 

In fact, seven of the top 10 prizes cater to the parents’ wanderlust — a stay in a five-star resort or hotel in such places as Phuket, Koh Samui and Sri Lanka.

The school knows the income bracket of its mostly expatriate clientele so the prizes are nothing to sneeze at.

One CIS ticket costs HK$100, and I gather the odds are one in 1,000. Not bad.

Funny enough, I got hold of another raffle ticket, this time from the Sha Tin College Parent-Teacher Association. 

The prizes, I suspect, have also been adjusted to the income bracket of the parents — a bit less eye-popping than those offered by CIS. 

The top prize is also a hotel stay, but only one night at Hotel ICON. The package, costing HK$19,300, pales in comparison to the bottom prizes of CIS — a five-day stay in Sydney and Byron Bay or a week’s stay at a holiday home in Cape Cod at HK$21,700 each. Still, it’s decent enough.

If CIS entices with exotic holiday destinations, the Sha Tin PTA woos with high-tech gadgets.

I can understand why the organizers are not offering iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6; the latest Apple devices are in short supply. But they also don’t have the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and instead are offering Note 3. No iPad Air, either.

Which is just as well. Since the tickets cost only HK$20 each, I guess buyers have no right to complain. 

One thing is for sure: the prize gap between the two sets of raffle tickets has nothing to do with the quality of education offered by the two schools.

What you see is what you get.

FYI, here are the two lists of prizes: 

Sha Tin College Parent Teacher Association

1.  One-night stay at Hotel ICON, $19,300
2.  15-inch MacBook Pro
3.  13-inch MacBook
4.  A pair of violin workshops
5.  Samsung Galaxy Note 3
6.  Samsung Galaxy S5

Chinese International School

1.   One-week stay in a luxury European or Asian villa, $101,700
2.   Business class return tickets to Tokyo or Osaka, $54,000
3.   Three-panel art by Drew Harris, $46,000
4.   Three-night stay in an ocean view pool suite at Trisara Phuket, $40,330
5.   Two-night stay in a luxury villa in Sri Lanka, $31,500
6.   Thee-night stay in a luxury villa in Koh Samui, $30,000
7.   Supply of shoes for one child from birth to age 12, $28,800
8.   Two-night stay at Marina Bay Sands for two couples, $26,500
9.   Five-night Australian tour package – Sydney and Byron Bay, $21,700
10. One-week stay at a Cape Cod holiday home, $21,700

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The raffle prizes offered by Chinese International School are quite attractive. Photo: CIS website

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