18 November 2019

Joshua Wong takes on Fanny Law over emigration comment

A Hong Kong deputy to China’s legislature has criticized student protesters for lack of respect and intolerance for others.

Executive councilor Fanny Law, who is also a delegate to the National People’s Congress, told a radio interview on the weekend that young people are scaring ordinary citizens into leaving Hong Kong, Sing Tao Daily reported Sunday.

“They believe things must be done their way and refuse to listen to other people’s ideas,” Law said.

“If they are to be in charge of society in the future, what will Hong Kong be like?” 

Law said she has heard from friends that a growing number of people are planning to emigrate not because of the Communist Party in mainland China but because of the young people in Hong Kong.

Joshua Wong, leader of student activist group Scholarism, dismissed the criticism, saying people can easily emigrate to a country without communism but not to a place without young people.   

Law said the protest movement is not only about lack of opportunities for young people but also an expression of discontent and frustration by society at large.

The student leaders are elite members of their generation and their actions are the result of the lack of guidance from their parents and teachers.

She refused to comment on the failed attempt by the Hong Kong Federation of Students to travel to Beijing to bring their democracy campaign directly to the central authorities.

An ongoing review of the liberal studies curriculum should focus on “one country, two systems”, with emphasis on the former, not the other way around, she said.

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