22 August 2019
Vince Ng says he will never leave the world of sports. Photos: Facebook
Vince Ng says he will never leave the world of sports. Photos: Facebook

TVB sports anchor quits after 11 years

Vince Ng Ka-him, known as TVB’s “sports prince”, is resigning from Television Broadcasts Ltd. after the broadcaster decided to squeeze the sports segment out of one of its most popular news programs.

Ng joined TVB as a sports anchor in 2003 after graduating with a journalism degree on the mainland.

After 11 years, he will host his last sportscast on the 11pm News on Nov. 28.

Ng’s decision to quit came after TVB decided to cut sports from the 6:30 p.m. News.

“Sports news is usually the first to be cut, and its airtime has constantly been reduced,” Ng said.

“As my mentor said, it’s our fault because we did not bring sports to the attention of more people”, he said, referring to the late sports anchor Ng Fong-wing.

“I have fulfilled my promise to him during my job interview that I wouldn’t quit after six months or one year,” he said.

However, Ng stressed that his decision is “purely a move to seek a career change” and had nothing to do with his participation in a petition against TVB’s controversial editing of a video showing police beating an Occupy protester last month.

“I will continue to make a contribution in sports but as a freelancer,” he said.

“I will never leave sports.”

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