24 August 2019
Joshua Wong (inset and left) was hit by an egg. Two suspects (right) were caught. Photo: HKEJ, RTHK
Joshua Wong (inset and left) was hit by an egg. Two suspects (right) were caught. Photo: HKEJ, RTHK

Joshua Wong hit by an egg outside court

Scholarism leader Joshua Wong Chi-fung was hit by an egg on his head after leaving court Thursday, RTHK reported.

His lawyer was splashed by part of the egg’s contents.

Police detained two men nearby.

Wong said he is disappointed by the attack, which was probably planned.

He said people with different political views can criticize him but need not resort to such actions.

Wong said he will pay attention to his personal safety and avoid going out by himself.

After being arrested by police who were clearing the protest site in Mong Kok on Wednesday, Wong was granted bail in Kowloon City Court Thursday.

As one of his bail conditions, the court banned him from entering the area of Mong Kok enclosed by Fa Yuen Street, Dundas Street, Shanghai Street and Mong Kok Road.

His lawyer objected to the bail condition, which he argued breached Wong’s constitutional rights, as there was no real risk Wong would reoffend.

But Principal Magistrate Peter Law disagreed. However, he granted Wong permission to travel through the area. 

Wong and others arrested in Mong Kok are accused of obstructing bailiffs who were trying to carry out a court injunction. Federation of Students leader Lester Shum was also detained.

The cases have been adjourned until January 14 to allow for further inquiries.

Outside the court, Wong said his neck and ears were bleeding after they were scratched when he was pressed to the ground by 10 police officers during his arrest.

He said someone tried to hurt his lower body, including his genitals, six or seven times but failed to do so.

Wong said he was not beaten in the police station but was subjected to foul language.

“If I am arrested, for the next two or three days I will lost contact with the world outside, but I hope my friends from the pan-democratic camp can continue with their fight at the legislature, and rethink about a referendum,” Wong was quoted as saying in a sound clip recorded before he was arrested.

“The Occupy movement has lasted for two months. We have to defend every line of defence and every single roadblock in the two occupied zones in Admiralty and Causeway Bay,” he said.

“We are fighting for results in this movement, not withdrawal. I urge everyone to persevere with this movement, since we cannot afford to lose this fight.”

In response, Labor Party lawmaker Lee Cheuk-yan said pan-democrats have always engaged in non-cooperative action in the Legislative Council and discussions about a referendum are still underway.

Meanwhile, Scholarism spokesman Oscar Lai Man-lok complained that police had been rude to the student protesters during the clearance operation.

Lai said in an interview with Commercial Radio that Wong has bruises on his throat and Shum had been forced to his knees and had his head slapped as he was arrested.

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