26 May 2019
Joshua Wong looks pale but is still able to conduct normal activities while on hunger strike. Photo: HKEJ
Joshua Wong looks pale but is still able to conduct normal activities while on hunger strike. Photo: HKEJ

More students expected to join hunger strike, Joshua Wong says

Scholarism leader Joshua Wong Chi-fung said more members of his group may join the hunger strike aimed at pushing the government to restart talks on political reform, RTHK reported.

Three members of the student activist group — Wong, Prince Wong Ji-yuet and university student Isabella Lo — have clocked 39 hours in their hunger strike which started Monday.

Prince Wong briefly fell ill, vomiting twice on Wednesday, while all three all had experienced dizziness and faster pulse rate. A medical team now comes to their tents four to five times a day in a protest zone in Admiralty, instead of the original schedule of two check-ups every 24 hours.

Joshua Wong said they would stop the hunger strike only if the government agrees to talk with them.

“If Leung Chun-ying and his government are willing to launch a dialogue in regard to rebooting the political reform, we will stop the hunger strike immediately,” he said.

“While protesters are staging a hunger strike out on the street, you are still enjoying every good thing brought about by your power,” the three said in an open letter to Leung on Wednesday afternoon.

The trio asked the government to return to the negotiating table immediately, adding that  “you should never believe that violent clean-out and delaying tactics would work”.

“People have already heard the call for hunger strike, and tens of hundreds of people would come out and gather together. The government could not afford the price of losing any young people,” the letter said.

“It’s not easy to stay on the streets in chilly weather, but we believe the hunger strike would defuse any skepticism and distrust on the protest,” they said.

Meanwhile, anti-Occupy elements are busy discrediting the hunger-strikers. Photos of the three partaking of a bowl of porridge, instead of just drinking water, are circulating on social media.

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