25 June 2019
Canada's income tax and unemployment rates are higher than Hong Kong's. Photo: Bloomberg
Canada's income tax and unemployment rates are higher than Hong Kong's. Photo: Bloomberg

Want to emigrate to Canada? Here are a few things to know

Many young people in Hong Kong are expected to avail themselves of the new immigration programs launched recently by the Canadian government because they feel uncertain about their future in the territory, Hong Kong Economic Times reported Thursday, citing local immigration consultants.

However, local immigration experts warn that it may not be easy to get emigrate to Canada applicants are required to have high English language proficiency. College graduates, especially those with experience in construction-related work, are better chances of being accepted under the new immigration schemes.

Canada’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander said earlier this week that the country is introducing immigration programs aimed at attracting skilled laborers and investors, including an electronic express entry system for skilled workers.

Interested parties, especially those with at least two years of experience in skilled work and have passed English proficiency requirements, may file their applications online starting Jan. 1. Successful applicants will be notified within six months.

Thomas On Kut, chief executive of Midland Immigration Consultancy Services, said his company has received quite a number of inquiries about Canada’s new immigration programs.

Canada boasts excellent medical care and welfare systems as well as a largely unspoiled natural environment, but its income tax regime is more stringent than Hong Kong’s. Its unemployment rate is also higher.

Hong Kong’s highest income tax rate is 16.5 percent, while Canada’s is 40 percent, he said, adding that Canadians have to pay an extra 12.5 percent as consumption tax when buying things.

A fresh college graduate in Canada normally earns about HK$10,000-20,000 a month, but a small room in the basement could cost about HK$7,000-8,000, he added.

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