26 May 2019
Rita Fan said students who joined the Occupy protests are unrealistic. Photo: HKEJ
Rita Fan said students who joined the Occupy protests are unrealistic. Photo: HKEJ

Students ‘unrealistic’ in pursuing democratic dreams: Rita Fan

National People’s Congress deputy Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai said students are being “unrealistic” in pursuing their democratic dreams, RTHK reported Friday.

“I’m not afraid of students, but they are not realistic when talking about their dreams, and they need a learning process,” Fan said.

It’s “unfair” for the majority of citizens to pay the price as these young people are chasing their dreams, she said, apparently referring to the disruptions caused by the democracy campaigners as they occupied major thoroughfares.

“Hong Kong people have not learned how to get along with Beijing, and some young people thought they could threaten Beijing with the Occupy movement,” Fan said.

She also noted that she won’t step in to arrange a meeting between students and Beijing officials unless the Hong Kong Federation of Students, one of the student activist groups leading the protest, abide by the law.

“Anyone who violates the law doesn’t deserve the opportunity to talk with Beijing officials,” she added.

Fan said the framework for political reform set by the NPC Standing Committee is the “most feasible” arrangement for the 2017 chief executive election, adding that the pan-democrats have already submitted their proposals including public nomination to Beijing.

Meanwhile, the veteran politician rejected allegations that police used excessive force in clearing the Occupy protest sites.

“It’s not true that protesters are unarmed as they used umbrellas to attack others, and police officers have been injured with nails [used by the activists during the street clashes],” Fan said.

She admitted that she had never been to any of the protest sites during the Occupy campaign, Ming Pao Daily reported.

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