20 April 2019
Occupy protesters' tents on Harcourt Road in Admiralty will soon be gone. Photo: Reuters
Occupy protesters' tents on Harcourt Road in Admiralty will soon be gone. Photo: Reuters

Clearing of remaining Occupy sites expected Thursday

Bailiffs and police are expected to enforce a court order to clear the Occupy protest site in Admiralty as soon as Thursday, Apple Daily reported Tuesday.

At the same time, police are expected to be deployed to clear the protest site in Causeway Bay.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying cannot afford to allow the street occupation to continue until Dec. 19, when President Xi Jinping visits Macau for the inauguration of its chief executive, Fernando Chui Sai-on, and his cabinet, the report said.

Leung will also attend the ceremony.

On Monday, the High Court granted a temporary injunction to Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Ltd. to disperse the occupiers in Admiralty.

The order, which covers parts of Connaught Road Central, Cotton Tree Drive and Harcourt Road, will be put up at the site and published in newspapers on Tuesday, when the bus operator will hold a meeting with the chief bailiff and police to discuss when and how to implement the order, the report said.

It cited sources as saying police will publicize the date and exact time of the operation before they begin clearing the streets. Occupiers may be allowed an extra day to leave by themselves with their belongings, the sources said.

They said police are prepared for intense clashes with the protesters, like those that occurred when they were clearing the protest site in Mong Kok last week. As many as 7,000 police officers will remain on full alert until Dec. 21, they said. 

Joshua Wong, leader of student group Scholarism, called on the protesters in a radio interview on Monday to leave before police take action, saying there will be no need for clashes and that attacking the police will be totally unacceptable, Mingpao Daily reported. 

When asked why he didn’t ask the protesters to sit and wait to be arrested by police, as some advocates of civil disobedience propose, Wong said that even if the protesters sit peacefully, the police might use force on them. 

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