24 May 2019
A group of women get into an ugly fight on an Air China flight this week. Photo:
A group of women get into an ugly fight on an Air China flight this week. Photo:

More incidents surface of bad airplane behavior by Chinese

Following the incident last week when the angry tantrums of a mainland couple forced a Nanjing-bound Thai AirAsia flight to turn back and return to Bangkok, there have been more cases of bad behavior by Chinese air passengers.

In the latest news, an Air China flight heading for Hong Kong from Chongqing early Wednesday saw some passengers get into a physical fight after the aircraft took off.

Two women apparently complained that the children sitting in the seats behind them were causing a lot of annoyance. The adults who were accompanying the kids in turn accused the women of causing discomfort by reclining their seats too much, sparking a major brawl, according to Apple Daily.

The quarrel quickly turned into a group fight. Pictures taken by other passengers showed one of the two women being pushed back, with her hair messed up and her head bumping against the luggage rack.

When the plane landed in Hong Kong, police were called to look into the incident. However, as both sides involved in the fight eventually agreed to settle, no arrest was made.

Meanwhile, in an earlier incident on Sunday, a mainland male passenger on a Xiamen Air flight from Hangzhou is said to have tried to open the emergency door suddenly before the aircraft took off, shocking all the other passengers. The flight was bound for Chengdu in Sichuan province.

After being stopped by the crew quickly, the man said he just wanted to take in some fresh air. The crew then made the man move to another seat as they did not want him to pull off a similar stunt again.

The passenger was not penalized for his weird behavior, but not everyone gets off so lightly.

In December last year, a man from Chongqing was arrested at the Beijing Capital International Airport for opening the emergency door near his seat by himself after his flight, which was operated by Sichuan Airlines, landed in the Chinese capital.

The man ignored the warning of the crew and opened the emergency door, causing the inflatable escape slide to roll out. When questioned why he resorted to such action, the man said that he just wanted to get off the plane sooner as there were too many passengers.

He was placed in administrative detention for 15 days, with the police charging him with damaging aviation facilities.

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A Xiamen Airlines passenger opened the emergency door just as the aircraft was preparing to take off from Hangzhou on Sunday. The passenger’s explanation: he just needed some fresh air. Photo:

In an incident last December, a man opened the emergency door after a flight landed in Beijing, as he wanted to get off the aircraft quickly. Photo: Xinhua

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