20 April 2019
A certain Development Bureau employee who posted the mocking DAB-inspired greeting could lose bis job, according to some netizens. Photo: Facebook
A certain Development Bureau employee who posted the mocking DAB-inspired greeting could lose bis job, according to some netizens. Photo: Facebook

‘Marry Chrismax’ BAD… oops, DAB

Not many government departments have a sense of humor but the Development Bureau is bringing its own brand of fun and joy to the world with a “Marry Chrismax” Facebook greeting.

The department, chaired by an unpopular minister, obviously knows how to spread backhanded cheer.

The festive greeting comes with a caricature that reminds people of the English lapses of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB, sometimes known as BAD).

Within 15 hours, the post had inspired more than 3,000 likes and 1,000 shares.

DAB is a joke, although sometimes it tries not to be.

This month, DAB Sheung Shui district councilor Larm Wai-leung tripped up, saying “Marry Christmas” in a street banner. We doubt he had a wedding or a bride in mind.

Next came his North district peer Simon Wong, whose street banner proclaimed “Merry Chrismax”. Our Google search for the second word for any humorous references turned to grief.

Some sharp-eyed netizens were quick to notice that the Development Bureau used yellow, the same color as Larm’s banner, for “Marry” and adopted the rainbow colors of Wong’s banner for “Chrismax” for effect.

If you are looking for a laugh, it may not be a bad idea to listen to DAB members wrestling with the Queen’s English in Legco.

This year, columnists have had a great time writing about it.

Who can forget the honorable Christopher Chung pressing ex-MTR Corp. chief executive Jay Walder “what are/is your daily work?” and concluding “you are dreaming on your office” and “same (shame) on you!”

Not to be outdone, Starry Lee raised a few chuckles among fans of her RTHK Letter To Hong Kong program by pronouncing “progress” in her party’s name as “process”.

Her Chinglish recording came out sounding like a non-Band A high school reading class.

Still, that was nothing compared with the mix-ups of younger colleague Gary Chan, who famously said after his election years ago that he would try his “breast” to do his job.

Could the richest political party in Hong Kong (it raised a record HK$68 million during its last charity dinner) hire an English tutor or editor?

No doubt. But the pro-Beijing group is perhaps mindful of China’s oft-repeated warning about “external forces” and “foreign intervention”.

All is not lost, however. Party leader Jasper Tsang, a former primary school principal, can always step forward to give his English-challenged allies a crash course in the colonial tongue.

Finally, I wish to thank you all for your support for EJ Insight. On behalf of the desk, here’s a warm and wonderful “Marry Chrismax”.

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Simon Wong says ‘Merry Chrismax’ in a street greeting to North district residents. Photo: Facebook

Larm Wai-leung greets his Sheung Shui constituents ‘Marry Christmas’. Photo: Facebook

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