26 May 2019
Pop singer Hins Cheung (L) wears special red make-up to condemn the police's violent suppression of pro-democracy protesters. Photo: Apple Daily
Pop singer Hins Cheung (L) wears special red make-up to condemn the police's violent suppression of pro-democracy protesters. Photo: Apple Daily

Cantopop star wears ‘bloody’ make-up to denounce police

Cantopop star Hins Cheung has drawn a lot of social media comment and buzz after he appeared before entertainment news reporters late last week wearing “bloody” make-up, apparently mocking the police for their alleged brutality during the Occupy protests.

Instead of taking usual route of carrying a yellow umbrella, Cheung chose to show his support to the pro-democracy protesters — who were beaten up by police many times during the recent street occupation — by wearing special make-up symbolizing blood.

The make-up, which involved the use of copper wire and cosmetic glue, was worn when Cheung attended a year-end song chart ceremony organized by Metro Broadcast Corp last Friday.

Netizens lauded Cheung for expressing his political views in an innovative way, but some warned that the singer could now suffer a ban in mainland China due to his public show of support for the democracy activists.

“Artists usually dress up beautifully for song chart ceremonies but I think it is not a must. Giving the audience a feeling about something is also a kind of message,” Cheung said, adding that he plans to don several more looks for the remaining big-four song chart ceremony events.

Cheung described Friday’s bloody look in reference to a “caring mother”.

Earlier this month, Police Commissioner Andy Tsang said the police were like “caring mothers protecting their children” when describing the action of female police officers during scuffles between protesting students and members of the opposing camp in Mong Kok on Oct. 3.

Tsang’s comments drew flak from many netizens, who said the police used violence on the protesters.

Since the Occupy sites in Mong Kok were cleared last month, pro-democracy protesters have been holding many “gouwu” parades there.

Police arrested 12 people on Christmas Eve and another 37 people on Christmas Day for joining “mobile occupation” in the district, using the pretence of shopping. 

On Christmas Eve, a 26-year-old man suffered some head injuries after being arrested in Mong Kok for “obstructing a police officer in the execution of his duty”. The man was taken into a private building by the police while the media was not allowed access.

Amy Pat, a 19-year-old woman, was among those arrested by the police on Dec. 24. She later complained that while sitting in a police car, a female officer slapped her and pushed her against the car window. The incident is said to have left Amy with injuries to her arm, ear and mouth. 

She was told by the police not to file a complaint, or she will face more charges, it has been alleged. 

The police, meanwhile, stressed that they will handle all complaints from the public in a fair manner.

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On Dec. 24, a 26-year-old male suffered injuries as he was arrested by the police in Mong Kok district. The man wanted to be taken to a hospital but was instead carried into a private building. Photo: Apple Daily

Amy Pat, a 19-year-old woman, has complained that she was slapped by a female police officer after being taken into an official vehicle. Photo: Apple Daily

A citizen holds a yellow banner to warn the police that the officers may have violated international law by beating up peaceful protesters. Photo: Apple Daily

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