18 April 2019
Hong Kong offers great opportunities for career advancement for financial professionals. Photo: AFP
Hong Kong offers great opportunities for career advancement for financial professionals. Photo: AFP

Asia Pacific accountants eye move to HK, says headhunter

About half of accounting professionals in Asia Pacific are willing to consider a move to Hong Kong, according to a Singapore-based human resources company.

They expect a 43 percent increase in salary on average, noting the relative impact of their base salary in their country of origin on the salary increase they expect to gain, said Doug Edmonds, regional director of Randstad Sourceright Asia Pacific.

The company helps employers engage potential candidates whether they are actively looking for a job or not.

The salary expectations reinforce the notion that many people see an international move “not only as an opportunity to advance their career”, Edmonds said.

Accountants and auditors in Australia and New Zealand would primarily move for career development and work experience, indicating the growing appeal of Asian experience for professionals in Western markets.

But professionals in Singapore and Malaysia would move for a wider range of reasons, including better remuneration, change of work environment and a new cultural experience, he said.

The majority of those willing to relocate to Hong Kong or elsewhere speak two to three languages.

This demonstrates that the ability to use a second language in an international market makes relocation more appealing, he said.

Edmonds said the trend comes against the backdrop of globalization.

Businesses are under increasing pressure to upgrade their talent management strategy to appeal to the international pool of mobile talent, he said.

At the same time, careers are becoming more varied and skilled professionals are increasingly more willing and better equipped to take up international opportunities.

However, up to 70 percent of professionals are not actively seeking new roles, making it important for employers to engage sought-after candidates at the deep end of the talent pool, Edmonds said.

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