26 May 2019
As trains get more crowded, some MTR passengers are showing less consideration for others. Photo: HKEJ
As trains get more crowded, some MTR passengers are showing less consideration for others. Photo: HKEJ

Many passengers selfish, says MTR worker

Many MTR passengers behave selfishly, a station assistant has complained on a discussion board, Sky Post reported Wednesday.

Among the ugly behaviors listed: 

Many are unwilling to move farther into the cars after boarding a train, blocking the train doors.

Some jump queues, forcing their way into a train as the doors are closing.

“There was one instance of a person forcing his way into the train, causing the train doors to reopen four times,” the MTR worker said.

Passengers often get their backpacks trapped between the doors after they have boarded. The assistant said they should wear their backpacks in front when boarding a crowded train.

The MTR employee observed that it was usually white-collar workers who were involved when quarrels broke out on the train.

“Maybe they have had enough in the office and decide to take it out on other passengers,” the assistant wrote.

The post attracted 45,000 views within a day and prompted more than 360 comments, one of which said it is a shame that Hongkongers have become so selfish.

The commenter said priority seats on trains are rarely misused in Taiwan and Japan, unlike in Hong Kong.

Representatives from the public transport industry said the Hong Kong government should enhance civic education for Hongkongers so they will be willing to give way to others on public transport.

Ngai Kam-fai, chairman of the MTR’s staff general association, said the situation has deteriorated in recent years. He called for people to be more considerate.

Dr. Chung Kim-wah, director of the Centre for Social Policy Studies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, said these should be looked at as individual cases, citing in contrast the relatively low crime rate on public transport and high service quality.

Chung said the quality of Hongkongers is not inferior to that of people in Singapore, Taiwan and many European countries.

He said subway trains in Australia were full of graffiti, and many seats were vandalized.

In Italy, many passengers simply turn a blind eye to pickpockets, Chung said.

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