22 July 2019
A dog views Blackie lying on the road after it was hit by a delivery van.  Photos: Google Maps, Metro Daily
A dog views Blackie lying on the road after it was hit by a delivery van. Photos: Google Maps, Metro Daily

Hit-and-run driver tracked down after killing dog in Tuen Mun

Netizens tracked down a lorry driver who fled after knocking down a mongrel in Tsing Chuen Wai in Tuen Mun based on photos and information provided by villagers who witnessed the incident.

It was the second case of a dog killed by a hit-and-run driver in just two weeks, Metro Daily reported on Monday.

The incident happened while several animal protection advocates were distributing food to stray dogs in the area.

A delivery van suddenly barreled through the street and hit one of the mongrels named Blackie. Instead of stopping, the driver fled the scene.

The dog suffered a gaping wound to the head, and a lot of blood came out. The other dogs stayed with Blackie and refused to leave the scene.

Volunteers used a cloth to cover the dog’s body and placed a traffic cone to warn passing vehicles about the accident. The dog died later.

About half an hour after the accident, the lorry driver returned to the scene and had to slow down because the accident had attracted a lot of villagers.

When the volunteers confronted him, the driver was unapologetic and even sneered at the people around him.

Several villagers took pictures of the driver and the van’s license plate.

Later, netizens shared the photos online and sought information about the driver. 

The van’s owner and driver was later identified; he is surnamed Chan.

When contacted by local reporters, Chan said he felt sad about the accident.

He said the speed of his van was moderate when a stray dog suddenly came out of nowhere and crossed the road before he could stop.

Last month, a hit-and-run driver was forced to admit having caused a dog’s death in Yuen Long.

Police arrested the driver for animal cruelty and is currently out on bail.

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