22 March 2019
Diesel fuel subsidies encourage air pollution in cities like Delhi. Photo: Bloomberg
Diesel fuel subsidies encourage air pollution in cities like Delhi. Photo: Bloomberg

India boosts renewable energy in policy shift on climate change

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India is ready to expand its use of renewable energy as a way to reduce pollution from greenhouse gases, Bloomberg reported.

The measure is a sign his government is moving toward joining an international deal this year on global warming.

After a meeting with US President Barack Obama in New Delhi, Modi said his country, along with all others, has an obligation to act to reduce the fossil-fuel emissions blamed for damaging the climate.

Modi’s remarks signal a shift in India’s policy on global warming.

The Indian government previously emphasized the historical responsibility of industrialized countries for creating the problem and has been ambiguous about whether it will adopt domestic targets for reducing greenhouse gases.

Modi’s comments suggest he’s ready to work with Obama on a deal in Paris in December that would, for the first time, require all countries, rich and poor alike, to restrain emissions, the report said.

“When we think about the future generations and what kind of a world we are going to give them, then there is pressure,” Modi said at a news conference with Obama Sunday. “Global warming is a huge pressure.”

India is the world’s third-biggest polluting country, behind China and the United States.

Obama reached an agreement with President Xi Jinping in November to bring China into an emissions-limiting system.

Previous climate accords, including the 1997 Kyoto protocol, required only developed countries to make cuts to emissions.

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