21 February 2019
Leung (inset) reportedly offered the bribe at the Tin Kwong Road driving test centre. Photos: Internet, Apple Daily
Leung (inset) reportedly offered the bribe at the Tin Kwong Road driving test centre. Photos: Internet, Apple Daily

Learner driver arrested for trying to bribe examiner

A 22-year-old man was arrested for trying to bribe a driving test examiner, fearing he would fail the test, Apple Daily reported Thursday.

The suspect, surnamed Leung, has lived in Hong Kong since coming from the mainland 10 years ago.

He was taking a driving test for light goods vehicles Wednesday at the Transport Department’s Tin Kwong Road driving test centre under the supervision of an examiner surnamed Wong.

Leung’s car hit the curb when he was trying to turn it around on Sheung Hong Road.

Fearing he would fail the test, Leung offered a HK$500 banknote to Wong, hoping Wong would be lenient in scoring him.

Wong reportedly refused to accept the banknote, but Leung kept stuffing it into his pocket.

Leung was still trying to make Wong accept the bribe after the pair returned to the test center, the report said.

Wong reported the case to his superiors, and police were called.

After Leung was arrested, officers from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) came to the Kowloon City Police Station and took over the case.

A Transport Department representative said there are 66 driving test examiners in Hong Kong, and there is a set of guidelines for them to observe when a learner driver tries to offer a bribe.

The ICAC would not comment on individual cases but said it will proceed with prosecution if there is sufficient evidence.

Any person offering a bribe to a person with public duties may be sentenced to jail for up to seven years and fined up to HK$500,000 upon conviction.

Offering examiners gifts or cash is a common practice in the mainland, and that trend seems to have spread to Hong Kong in recent years, the report said.

It cited sources as saying it is mostly people from the mainlandwho try to offer advantages to driving test examiners in the hope of getting a pass.

Representatives of several driving tutors’ unions said some mainlanders think they can resolve problems with a red packet.

They said it won’t be good for other road users if unqualified learners are awarded a driving license.

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