21 July 2018
Busy Hongkongers love to eat out. Photo:
Busy Hongkongers love to eat out. Photo:

Hongkongers spend most on food in Asia Pacific

Hong Kong diners are the biggest spenders on food in the Asia Pacific region, Sky Post reported Friday, citing a survey by MasterCard.

The survey, conducted near the end of last year among 8,200 consumers in the region, found Hongkongers spend the most on dining and travel the most overseas.

Hongkongers spent an average HK$1,771 (US$228) per person per month on dining out during last year’s second half, up from HK$1,654 in the first half.

The figures were way higher than the average HK$938 reported elsewhere in the region.

Diners in Singapore were not far behind, at HK$1,747. Mainland Chinese were in third place, spending HK$1,521.

The survey found that 83 percent of Hong Kong diners would choose mid-priced restaurants, while 76 percent would go for fast food and 70 percent would patronize food courts.

It also found that 82 percent of the Hongkongers said they had traveled abroad over the past year, a much higher proportion than the regional average of 42 percent.

Hongkongers’ spending per person while overseas averaged HK$13,412, up by 5.2 percent from the first half of the year and ranked seventh in the region.

Among the Hong Kong travelers, 82 percent said their favorite activities were sightseeing, shopping and dining, in that order, while only 12 percent said adventure or sports were a priority for them.

Mainland Chinese continued to lead their counterparts in the region in buying luxury goods.

They were followed by Singaporeans and South Koreans. Hongkongers came fourth.

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