21 April 2019
Would you like antibiotics with that? Photo: Reuters
Would you like antibiotics with that? Photo: Reuters

McDonald’s to cut use of antibiotics in chicken

McDonald’s plans to reduce the use of antibiotics in its chicken products, BBC News reported.

The US-based global fast-food chain said it will focus on removing those antibiotics that can affect human health but keep those necessary for the well-being of the poultry.

Chicken served in its US restaurants will be free of the first type of antibiotics within two years, it said.

In Europe, McDonald’s is also phasing out the use of certain “critically important” antibiotics.

Many poultry producers in US give their birds antibiotics to make them grow faster. But overuse of the drugs could lead to them becoming less effective in treating illness and disease in humans.

In a statement, Marion Gross, senior vice-president for the firm’s North America supply chain, said McDonald’s “believes that any animals that become ill deserve appropriate veterinary care and our suppliers will continue to treat poultry with prescribed antibiotics”.

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