22 November 2017
Mak Ka-wai (L) was struck by So Si-kit (R) while covering an Occupy protest. Photo: RTHK
Mak Ka-wai (L) was struck by So Si-kit (R) while covering an Occupy protest. Photo: RTHK

Man who attacked RTHK reporter jailed for 4 weeks

A man has been sentenced to four weeks in jail for injuring Radio Television Hong Kong journalist Mak Ka-wai at an Occupy protest site in Mong Kok in October, Apple Daily reported Thursday.

So Si-kit, 56, who pleaded guilty to wounding Mak, was also ordered to pay Mak HK$600 (US$77.40) for damaging his glasses and to pay RTHK HK$2,795 for damaging a microphone during the confrontation.

In So’s defense, his lawyer said So hit Mak only once, leaving no permanent injury.

Magistrate Don So Man-lung said the defendant showed regret for his actions by pleading guilty and was seen in media footage trying to push away reporters’ cameras when he was hit by them.

The magistrate said So, who has little education, could not help hitting Mak’s forehead in the end.

The defendant had 12 criminal offenses on his record prior to the case, the magistrate said, but he pointed out that the previous violations were not serious and were already 15 or 16 years old.

However, the magistrate said, an exemplary punishment is necessary, as bodily injury was involved.

Mak, who required stitches on his left eye, can still pursue civil compensation for his injuries.

Although he was expecting a heavier sentence, Mak said, the verdict is acceptable, as it sends out the clear message that one cannot use violence against others.

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