18 November 2019
Netizens think the young female worker, who wanted to quit her job with only a one-day notice, is being irresponsible. Photos: HKEJ, internet
Netizens think the young female worker, who wanted to quit her job with only a one-day notice, is being irresponsible. Photos: HKEJ, internet

Post-90s worker quits job via WhatsApp, demands salary

A post-90s office worker quit her job, telling her boss she’d stop coming to work starting the very next day. The boss said she couldn’t do that as the law required a one-month notice.

Nothing unusual about that, except that the lady worker tendered her resignation via a WhatsApp messenger, and their online conversation went viral on the internet after her boss posted it on a discussion forum, Apple Daily reported on Wednesday.

Welcome to the digital age, where the virtual and the actual merge.

In their online conversation, the lady employee told her boss she was resigning from her job effective the next day.

In his reply to the WhatsApp message, the boss said she should serve a one-month notice as she was past her three-month probation period under the Employment Ordinance.

The worker refused to acknowledge the need for a notice period. Instead, she asked her boss to pay her half of her month’s salary for the work she had done during the month.

She even threatened to report the case to the Labour Department if the boss did not cough up the money.

“Is there such a law? I’m going to start a new job tomorrow,” the young worker told her supervisor in her text message. “I won’t work for one more month, nor would I give any compensation for it. Just give me my half-month salary, otherwise, see you in the Labour Department.”

A large number of those following the thread on the discussion forum were not in favor of the lady worker’s reasoning, or her lack of it. Neither were they amused by her attitude.

One netizen remarked that she was a disgrace to the post-90s generation, or those born after 1990.

Some even advised the employer to seek legal help to receive compensation for her failure to serve a one-month notice.

The boss revealed that the worker was hired for HK$10,000 a month and her performance was not bad, although she had practically failed in all her subjects at Hong Kong Diploma for Secondary Education. 

Under the Employment Ordinance, neither the employer nor the employee is required to give a notice during the first month of employment.

A notice of seven days or an equivalent compensation must be given if either party wants to terminate the employment contract after one month of service. A month’s notice or payment in lieu is required for work termination in case the probation period is completed.

Normally, a company that urgently needs to fill a position may offer to pay an extra one-month salary for the new employee to quit their existing job earlier.

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