20 June 2019
It was heavy going on Sai Sha Road. Photos: Facebook
It was heavy going on Sai Sha Road. Photos: Facebook

Red rainstorm warning issued for first time this year

Hong Kong’s first red rainstorm warning this year was raised Wednesday as flooding was reported in several districts, Apple Daily reported Thursday.

In Sai Kung, parts of Sai Sha Road were underwater.

Traffic was blocked as a result, causing serious jams in the district.

The Observatory said the red rainstorm warning was issued at 5:30 p.m. after the amber signal was issued at 4:45 p.m.

About 70mm of rainfall was recorded in Sai Kung, 55mm in Tai Po, and 52mm in Shatin.

On the MTR East Rail line, a woman who appeared to be fully soaked by the rain boarded a train wearing only her bra and panties, raising the eyebrows of fellow passengers.

Pictures of the woman surfaced later on social media.

Netizens said she probably felt it was more comfortable to take off her drenched clothes.

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