20 September 2019
Master So warns that the Hong Kong property market could see a 30 percent correction. Photo: HKEJ
Master So warns that the Hong Kong property market could see a 30 percent correction. Photo: HKEJ

A Feng Shui master has some advice for property buyers

So Man-fung, also known as Master So, may be not so well known in Hong Kong’s the expatriate circles but he is quite famous locally for teaching the skills of Feng Shui and physiognomy on television.

The Master is now warning that property prices in Hong Kong may surge another 10 percent at most, but the downside risk is that they could fall as much as 30 percent, at any moment.

As a professional Feng Shui master, many people would want to know whether Master So applies his fortune-telling expertise in his property investments?

Well, he told Ming Pao Daily that in the end, analytic skill is the most important when it comes to investment. Any other things like Feng Shui and fortune-telling technique only play a complementary part.

Master So believes the local housing market has nearly peaked. He is pessimistic about the market’s future prospects, so much so that he has even sold his own home.

From the view of metaphysics, if people want to invest in the Hong Kong property market between the end of 2015 and 2018, it is worth doing only if the price is very attractive, he says.

“The rental yield of residential property nowadays is low; the return of luxury flats is around one percent. But you may easily earn 3 percent return on renminbi fixed deposits,” he pointed out.

“Meanwhile, I still own some other properties; the rental income is enough for me to cover the rent in a cozy living place.”

So noted that many people have been rushing into the housing market despite the high prices. “It’s all due to the fear of not owning a flat. This isn’t reasonable at all.”

What tips could Master So give on home-buying?

From the Feng Shui perspective, So explained, one has to invest in properties according to the fortune of the land.

“West was the most prosperous position in Hong Kong from 2004 to 2004, that’s why property prices in remote districts such as Tuen Mun and Tin Shui Wai have surged in recent years.”

But when it comes to a self-use flat, you have to pay more attention to details such as direction and the floor plan of the unit, he says.

“If the floor plan isn’t in square or rectangular shape, basically I won’t be interested. The worst shape is the diamond shape, which refers to flats with tilting main doors. People living inside these units will have instable emotions and relations.”

“The other important thing is the direction which the main door is facing. It is good for the main door to face the southeast and northwest directions until 2024. Also, try to avoid flats with doors’ directions facing northeast and southwest, it is not good for both the people living inside and their wealth,” added So.

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