17 October 2019
It has been so hot in New Delhi that some roads have started to melt. Photo: AFP
It has been so hot in New Delhi that some roads have started to melt. Photo: AFP

More than 1,000 dead in Indian heat wave

The death toll in the heat wave sweeping India has passed 1,000, as temperatures approached 50 degrees C in some areas, BBC News reported.

Most deaths have taken place in the southern states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, where at least 1,118 people have died since last week.

Reports say at least 24 people have died from the heat in West Bengal and Orissa.

Temperatures are likely to drop in some parts over the coming days.

Hospitals are on alert to treat heatstroke patients, and authorities have advised people to stay indoors.

The two worst-affected southern states have suffered the heat wave for more than a month, but most of the deaths have happened in the past week.

In Andhra Pradesh, where temperatures climbed to 47 degrees C Monday, 852 people have died.

“The state government has taken up education programmes through television and other media to tell people not to venture into the outside without a cap, to drink water and other measures,” AFP quoted P. Tulsi Rani, the state’s special commissioner for disaster management, as saying.

“We have also requested NGOs and government organisations to open up drinking water camps so that water will be readily available for all the people in the towns.” 

In neighboring Telangana state, 266 people have died in the last week as temperatures hit 48 degrees C over the weekend.

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